Xth Workshop of SCG Tatranská Lomnica, 2024 - Book of abstracts (ISBN 978-80-972367-7-9) Stiahni

IXth Workshop of SCGTerchová, 2023 - Book of abstracts (ISBN 978-80-972367-6-2Stiahni

VIIIth Workshop of SCGHabovka, Slovakia, 2021 - Book of abstracts (ISBN 978-80-972367-5-5) Stiahni

VIIth Workshop of SCG,  Demänovská dolina, Slovakia, 2020 - Book of abstracts (ISBN 978-80-972367-4-8) Stiahni

VIth Workshop of SCG, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia 2019 - Book of abstracts Stiahni


Euroclay 2019, Paríž, Francúzsko book of abstracts link 


5. Seminar of SÍS, Banská Štiavnica 2018 download


ICC 2017, Book of Abstracts, International Clay Conference, Granada, Spain download


AIPEA newsletter (Association Internationale pour l’Étude des Argiles) download


MECC 2016, Book of Abstracts, Mid-European Clay Conference, Košice  download